Welcome to my library

Please make yourself at home. On the shelves here you'll find various personal writings of mine, stream of consciousness babble and the like as well as more structured information about topics that interest me.

Oramiwe Tasare

My name is Oramiwe Tasare, I am an Elf, Empath, herbalist, alchemist and antiqury dedicated to Hodierna. Originally from the village of Windmere near Leth Der'iel I've spent the past few years in Crossing where most of these writings originated. I've recently moved back to Leth Der'iel and being back among my native forests has sent me on a bent of personal "rambling on paper" as I like to say. You can find my jounral marked "Thoughts" above should you for some reason have interest in reading such things.

The more structured writings I mentioned can also be found in the shelves above. I often give lectures on history, specifically of the Seven-Star Empire and the Imperial Healers guild. Text versions of these can be found in the section marked "History". I've also recently decided to take my life long love of tea and knowledge of this divine drink and put it in writing. "Art of Tea" contains instructions on basic tea making as well as tips on creating flavors and the various healing and aromatherapy uses such drinks may have.